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Special Deals
This page contains products already fabricated ready to ship without any delays. These products may never be made or offered again. So get them while supplies last.
Buy this beautiful granite lamp made out of cosmic black. Use it in your home, office or anywhere you want to. Looks great anywhere you put it. Please note that this color is not available for our other lamps we make. This is a one time deal. Take advantage of this offer now.
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Buy this paper towel holder in verde butterfly. This is also ready to ship.They come with rubber surface savers to prevent any sratching on any surface. The picture shows exactly what the paper towel holder looks like.



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This 18" Round Lazy Susan is a great accent for your dinning table and kitchen. It is made out of verde butterfly and are all ready to go. A roundover edge is on it. We have glued rubber surface savers already to prevent sratching on any surface. Please be aware that they weigh about 30-35 lbs. They have an 12" metal lazy susan base. Buy it now before they're all gone.



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This is a granite oil lamp. It is 5"x5" and color is madura gold. This is a unique oil lamp and you must have it. Uses regular lamp oil. It also has a small glass bowl that holds the oil. So buy it now and enjoy a quite and romantic dinner with that special person in you life.


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This is a 12" Irregular lazy susan in Copper Canyon. It has a bevel edge.