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Services available are re-sealing and repairs to your existing granite or stone countertops & vanities.
Need to re-seal your countertop again? It is recommended that you have your tops sealed once a year to assure protection. Although granite is safe to use it must be sealed to protect it from Acid Substances. These are common liquids such as detergent, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, fruit juices and vinegar. With a sealer on it, it makes it harder for these things to penetrate the stone and helps keep that glossy look too. Applying wax once a month will also help protect the shine. A granite stone care kit is available at a reasonable price. It consist of a quart size granite sealer impregnator, quart size daily stone cleaner, 19oz. granite countertop revitalizer spray can, a 100% micro-fiber cloth, a natural stone care guide and a small container to keep everything together.
This is a kit all granite countertop owners should have.
Price: $85.00 to seal a 80 sq.ft. kitchen, any additional ft. would be more.
Need a repair done? "What kind?", you may ask. If you have a seam in your countertop, over time the epoxy or glue used may come out or become unleveled. Maybe you hit the granite with a pot or pan and chipped it. Then you need a repair done. Have an stainless steal undermount sink sagging down? You need a repair done too. We offer all kinds of repairs.
Price: $50.00 an hour
Holes Drilled
Need to add a soap dispenser or R/O to your existing stone countertops? We can drill an additional hole if you need it.
Price: $25.00 per hole.
Any questions? Just ask.